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AIS 100 Pro (NMEA & USB) - Digital Yacht

AIS 100 Pro (NMEA & USB) - Digital Yacht

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AIS 100 Pro (NMEA & USB)

Combination of NMEA and USB connections for PC-based systems and plotters. Also includes NMEA input and built-in multiplexer.


Excellent entry level AIS receiver for use with PC based navigation software and chartplotters. Like the latest Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Standard Horizon and Furuno units. Connected to an existing VHF antenna (via a splitter) or a dedicated AIS antenna, you can receive all AIS targets within range – typically up to 30nm. Simple plug and play USB connection to a PC. Uses standard drivers built into Windows XP/Vista/7 and is automatically mapped to an available "virtual" com port, which your PC software can read. Also compatible with Mac OS X and all LINUX kernels since version V2.4.20.

The AIS100 Pro has dual NMEA0183 and USB output capability, allowing you to provide AIS data to a PC (via USB) and a dedicated plotter (via NMEA) for larger installations. Connect the NMEA output (4800 baud) of your GPS to the AIS100Pro and it will automatically multiplex (merge) the slower GPS data with the high speed AIS data and thus transmit everything on the high speed NMEA output (38400 baud) – perfect for connection to a chartplotter with a single NMEA input.

FEATURES (as seen here in our YouTube video)
High performance dual channel AIS receiver for use with existing chartplotters and radar systems
USB interface for easy plug-and-play connection to a PC
High speed NMEA output (38400 baud)
Requires dedicated VHF or AIS antenna (available as an optional accessory) or splitter
Multiplexed NMEA input for single NMEA GPS + AIS data output at 38400 baud
Easy to install IP54 black box solution

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