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AISConfig Free App Link to Google Play Store

AISConfig Free App Link to Google Play Store

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*** To download this free App to configure AIS please click here to go to the Google Play Store ***

Our proAIS2 software for configuring and checking our latest generation of AIS transponders is a useful tool, but only being Windows and Mac compatible, it does have its limitations.

With this in mind, we have developed an Android marine App that allows you to do pretty much everything that proAIS2 does, but wirelessly from your Android Smart Phone or Tablet.

AISConfig is a free AIS app that allows your mobile Android phone or tablet to wirelessly connect to the latest range of Digital Yacht Class B AIS Transponders; AIT1500, AIT2000, and AIT3000. Once connected, AISConfig can be used to configure the boat details (MMSI number, Boat Name, etc.) into the transponder. You can then monitor the status of the transponder or switch it in and out of “Silent Mode”.

AISConfig is perfect for Digital Yacht’s premium AIT3000 unit, which features an internal Wi-Fi server, but you can also use it with the AIT1500 and AIT2000 transponders, in conjunction with one of Digital Yacht’s WLN10HS or WLN20 wireless NMEA servers.

AISConfig cannot be used with Digital Yacht’s older AIT250 and AIT1000 transponders or with the AIT1500N2K unit.


  • Free app to configure AIS
  • Enter the MMSI and other boat data and then wirelessly upload it to the transponder
  • Monitor the supply voltage, GPS reception, AIS reception, and VSWR readings
  • Wirelessly switch the transponder in and out of “Silent Mode”
  • Display the LED status, avoiding the need to gain access to the transponder
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