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Restube Automatic: For Drone & Distance Rescue

Restube Automatic: For Drone & Distance Rescue

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 For drone & distance rescue

Restube automatic

It is that compact, lightweight and robust and can be placed always ready at hand. If on a motorbike, a car, on board, attached to a drone or worn. To provide first help it can be thrown to another person. Restube Automatic provides enough buoyancy (75N) for adults and children. For a drone there are two use cases: First - the flotation can be carried directly to a person with a Restube automatic drop or lay system. Second - the system can be attached to a drone to keep a crashed drone afloat for recovery. Restube automatic is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and the water activator. You can get both in a set.

  • Inflates with water contact within seconds
  • Also inflatable by pulling the trigger
  • Inflatable also with mouth valve
  • Easy to repack with CO2 cartridge & water activator
  • Light enough to be thrown far distanceboa
  • Horizontally and vertically attachable to a belt (not included)
  • Carriable it by drone (from 900g payload)
  • Connection for drone drop & lay mechanism at the bag


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