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Cylindrical Fender - Model C84

Cylindrical Fender - Model C84

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Cylindrical Fender


The Fendertex Cylindrical Fender is our most commonly used fender shape. The fender is knitted using a patented high-tech polyester textile and inflated with an ultrasonically welded polyurethane bladder. The fender offers high abrasion resistance and high compression strength, built with 316 stainless steel d-rings located at the top. Fendertex Cylindrical Fenders are ultralightweight, easy to handle, and can be deflated and rolled to minimize storage space.

All Fendertex Cylindrical Fender textiles are dyed in mass, making them highly resistant to UV degradation and color fading. In addition, the patented salt-resistant material and knitting technique was designed for the megayacht market to limit abrasion on the hull and paint. As a result, Fendertex Fenders material will leave no marks on the outside of the hull.

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*Please note: Sheathed D rings are a separate product number.

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