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Detachable Rail Mount Bracket (ZSCOPA41)

Detachable Rail Mount Bracket (ZSCOPA41)

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Designed to fit 1″ rails but with a detachable top to allow easy removal of antenna. Ideal for use with any antennas which need to be stowed when sailing.

Chrome brass rail mount, quick and easy to install. This detachable rail mount bracket is designed for installation on 20 mm to 25 mm horizontal rails.

It has a 1” x 14 standard thread (suits KS30, etc.), detachable by unscrewing the thumb screw.

For use with 4GConnect and WL510 antenna, you need a 1″x14TPI to 1.25″ pipe thread adaptor.


  • Detachable rail mount bracket
  • Fits horizontal rails (20 to 25mm)
  • 1” x 14 standard thread
  • Easy to install and detach
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