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GPS160 Sensor/Antenna NMEA 0183

GPS160 Sensor/Antenna NMEA 0183

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Digital Yacht has unveiled its TriNav™ GPS160, a GPS antenna with NMEA 0183. This is a new, high-performance positioning sensor using GPS, Glonass, and the new Galileo satellite systems. Therefore, providing exceptional position accuracy and redundancy. Typical accuracy is better than 3 ft. Data can also be set to output at up to 18Hz for smoother plotter track displays. TriNav™ software technology also improves positioning inaccuracy that could occur through spoofing and local interference.

The device has a variety of modes through field programming. This includes single GNSS operation (eg Galileo only) as well as output configurations such as update rate, NMEA sentence structure, etc.

The GPS160 with NMEA 0183 output (4800, 38400, and 115200 baud programmable). As well as a USB variant for PC, MAC, and Linux. For NMEA 2000 systems, we offer a bundle with a Digital Yacht iKonvert NMEA 2000 gateway. Therefore allowing the easy and flexible installation of NMEA 2000 without the need for cumbersome drop cables.

The GPS160 also supports a simple external MOB (man-over-board) switch or device. When triggered, the GPS160 creates a “synthesized” AIS SART MOB message on its NMEA output. This can then interface with a local plotter to identify the MOB. Most modern plotters support this with a clear MOB icon. As well as instant bearing and distance data to navigate to the casualty.

To learn how to wire the GPS16o to your navigation system click here

Galileo is the new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that has been in development over the past two decades. It joins the GPS and GLONASS systems and offers mariners a 3rd reliable positioning source. It is now fully operational as of 2020.

There are currently 22 satellites in usable condition. This means the satellite is working and adds to the service provision. There are then 2 satellites that are in “testing” and 2 more are marked as not available. The final constellation now consists of 30 satellites (24 operational and 6 spares) as of 2020.

Additionally, you can download the full info pack by clicking here.

  • 72 channel GPS, Glonass, and Galileo GNSS positioning receiver
  • Typically sub 3 ft accuracy thanks to TriNav™ technology –combines all satellite data for optimum accuracy
  • Can be configured as a dedicated GPS, Glonass, or Galileo only device
  • Refined anti-spoofing algorithm for robust performance of position and interference rejection
  • Available Seatalk1 (with Seatalk converter), NMEA 2000 (with iKonvert interface), and wireless (with WLN10SM) variants
  • GPS160USB also available with a USB connection for PC/MAC
  • User/field can select 4800, 38400, and 115200 baud operation through simple internal DIP switches
  • Many formats of NMEA data output including datum information –users can configure through internal DIP switches
  • Up to 18Hz update rate (user can select)
  • Ultra-low (<20mA) power consumption at 12V DC
  • 33 ft cable
  • Input for MOB switch/system –when triggered generates synthetic AIS MOB NMEA output to activate MOB position on plotter
  • Efficient system (ECDIS) support with datum sentence structure (DTM/GBS/GNS/GRS/GSA/GST)
  • Puck installation or fits 3rd party industry standard 1” x 14TPI threaded mount
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