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*** Our marine app for Android OutBoardView can be purchased and downloaded at the Google Play store by clicking here ***


Turn your Android device into an electronic dashboard for your boat’s NMEA2000 enabled outboard. Designed to work with Digital Yacht’s iKommunicate Signal K Gateway, this marine app will receive engine data such as RPM, temperature, pressure, fuel flow, etc., and display it all in a modern electronic dashboard.

Most modern fuel-injected Outboard engines have an electronic engine management system. This either outputs the industry standard NMEA2000 data or you can fit it with the engine manufacturer’s NMEA2000 gateway to make digital engine data available for other devices. Digital Yacht’s iKommunicate gateway converts the NMEA2000 data into Signal K. This is the new open-source marine data format. It can be easily read by the latest generation of mobile and web apps.

There are hardly any marine apps for boats that display engine data, particularly for Android. Therefore OutboardView should prove popular with anyone that has a larger Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Mercruiser, etc. fuel-injected outboard. Before purchasing though, do make sure that your outboard can output NMEA2000, either natively or via the manufacturer’s gateway, and then once you have connected the engine to our iKommunicate gateway, you will be able to display all of the engine data on OutboardView.

OutboardViews' design also allows it to work with single or dual engines. It will display RPM, Boatspeed, Temperature, Pressure, Alternator Voltage, Fuel Flow, Engine Tilt, and Fuel Level (assuming all sensor measurements are available) on a single modern, electronic dashboard display with a mixture of analogue gauges and digital bar gauges. Upon detection of two engines, the app will populate two pages. One page for Port and one for the Starboard engine. You can quickly switch between these pages.

In addition, OutboardView has efficiency and a trim page. Once “on the plane” you can press the “Trim” button and then see in real-time the effect any changes to the engine speed, tilt or balance of the boat makes on the fuel economy. A “trim” bar gauge, shows you if you are improving or reducing fuel efficiency. A digital readout gives you the actual MPG or Km/L value.


  • Displays all of the important engine data in real-time
  • RPM, Temperature, Pressure, Voltage, Flue Flow, Speed (Sensor or GPS), Engine Tilt, and Fuel Level displays
  • Instantaneous Fuel Efficiency display (MPG or KM/L)
  • Trim feature to make it easy to balance and fine-tune the boat for maximum efficiency
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