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Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack

Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack

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Wireless Speed Depth Temp Pack


Digital Yacht iSeaSense is a new range of complete marine instrumentation packs based on NMEA 2000 and wireless connectivity, allowing maximum flexibility and connectivity.  Choose from using phones, iPads, and tablets for boat data displays as well as 3rd party industry-standard instruments and multi-function displays.

Top quality and highly accurate sensors are used for boat speed, depth, compass, and GPS data.  Data can be shared with other devices on the NMEA 2000 network too.

iSeaSense is easy to specify. Everything is included as two main starter packs for easy installation and ordering.  No app is needed either as the iSeaSense wireless server creates powerful graphical and numeric display pages that can be viewed via a browser on any device.

iSeaSense Pack 1 is a comprehensive boat depth, speed, and temperature pack.  A spatial sensor is also included for detecting pitch and roll and there’s a sophisticated algorithm for calibrating boat speed information based on heel.

A full NMEA 2000 backbone cabling pack and the wireless interface for connectivity are included.  There is a spare cable and connection point for additional NMEA 2000 devices such as a multi-function display or Digital Yacht’s range of instruments.

iSeaSense features an easy-to-use web interface.  No apps are required. Simply open the browser on a connected device, navigate to iSeaSense.local and the optimized touchscreen display is ready.

The web interface works on iOS, Android, PC, Linux, and MAC – any standard web browser as well as e-ink displays like Kindle and e-book. It supports up to 3 connected devices with super fast 5Hz updates.

The data can also be used by 100’s of popular navigation apps & software such as Navionics, TZ iBoat, OpenCPN, SailGrib, etc.

You can read the full product presentation by clicking here.

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