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AIT2000 Plus GV30 Bundle (Combo VHF-GPS Antenna) - Digital Yacht

AIT2000 Plus GV30 Bundle (Combo VHF-GPS Antenna) - Digital Yacht

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AIT2000 Plus GV30 Bundle (Combo VHF-GPS Antenna)


This AIT2000 plus GV30 bundle is ideal for smaller boats and tenders, providing a single combination VHF+GPS antenna solution that makes installation easy and simple.



The AIT2000 is a class B AIS transponder. It uses the latest AIS Transponder technology. Therefore squeezing more performance and interfacing options in to a housing that is half the size of our previous generation transponder.

AIT2000 + GV30 bundle

This AIT2000 plus GV30 bundle comprises of an AIS transponder with both GPS and a VHF antenna. It is ideal for smaller boats and tenders. It provides a single combination VHF+GPS antenna solution that makes installation easy and simple. The short whip VHF antenna of the GV30 does not give the AIS range of a larger half dipole VHF antenna. However, for most smaller vessels this compromise on range (typically GV30 reception is 10-15NM) is outweighed by the space saving and installation benefits.

AIT2000 Class B AIS Transponder

This ultra-compact Class B Transponder has three outputs; NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB connection. Therefore allowing it to work with every AIS compatible chart plotter or software package on the market today. furthermore, the AIT2000 features a remote silence button option, two NMEA 0183 Inputs and Outputs, four status LEDs and rugged vibration-proof mounting brackets. The AIT2000 is the third generation of Digital Yacht AIS transponder and so replaces the very popular AIT1000.

For permanent USB connection to a PC or MAC, we recommend adding one of our NMEA to USB Adaptor cables. Hence providing an extra level of electrical isolation/protection against ground differences and static discharge.

Configuration of your vessel’s fixed data, such as MMSI, call sign, boat name, dimensions etc. is made easy with the included Windows and Mac compatible proAIS2 software*. Once configured, the unit will provide AIS data to a PC or Mac running suitable navigation software or a dedicated chart plotter such as the latest Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Standard Horizon and Furuno units.

As well as transmitting your own vessel’s position so that other AIS equipped vessels know where you are, the AIT2000, when connected to an existing VHF antenna (via a splitter) or dedicated AIS antenna, will receive all AIS targets within range of your boat – typically up to 30NM.

With two industry standard NMEA 0183 outputs, our own N2Net connector for plugging in to an NMEA 2000 network and a simple plug and play USB connection to a PC. the AIT2000 is therefore the perfect AIS transponder solution for all light marine vessels up to 300 tons.

* Except US where dealer programming required

Please Note!  AIS transponder shipments have been adversely effected by the global shortage of semiconductors.  This situation is very fluid and our production team are working as hard as possible to expedite orders.  Please contact us if you have an urgent delivery issue


  • AIS transponder with GPS and VHF antenna
  • Latest generation AIS technology – featuring a brand new AIS transponder (Class B) design
  • Ideal for use with existing plotter and radar systems
  • Built-in high performance 50 channel GPS receiver (ideal also as a backup GPS)
  • USB Interface for simple plug and play connection to a PC or Mac
  • Includes N2Net interface and cable for connection to NMEA 2000 network
  • High speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) – compatible with industry standard plotters
  • Supplied with GV30 Combo VHF+GPS antenna, with integral 1”x14TPI thread monut
  • Remote Silence Switch option
  • Supplied with programming software for user programming*
  • Easy to install black box solution
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