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TeamO Marine | BackTow NOT Included |170N Micro Inflatable PFD | MANUAL | Blue |

TeamO Marine | BackTow NOT Included |170N Micro Inflatable PFD | MANUAL | Blue |

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This Ultra-Light PFD may be the lightest weight PFD in Canada! The Micro has 170N  of buoyancy and is made with the same durable quality as other PFD's from TeamO Marine. The fit is excellent, the finish is outstanding, and still comes with a single crotch strap for greater security. Due to the thin size of this product, it will not come with the BackTow technology. 

This version of the Micro has a MANUAL firing head.

MANUAL FIRING HEAD - one that doesn't automatically inflate when you enter the water and you must pull the activation line.

Manual Inflatable PFDs are sometimes favored by sailors who want to have more control over when they do or do not inflate their Inflatable PFD. If you have concerns about entrapment on boats you may choose a manual Inflatable PFD so that it does not inflate before you want it to. It may also be suitable for sailors who are sailing in more extreme conditions with a lot of water on deck or over the sailors, in situations where the water may accidentally inflate an automatic system.

Why Not Choose Manual - Generally we advise sailors to seriously consider the automatic inflation systems  because they protect the wearer in the event that they end up in the water in a compromised situation (for instance, if they were not conscious when they entered the water). An automatic inflatable PFD will inflate in this situation and the Inflatable PFD is designed to turn you face-up in the water without any further action by the wearer, so that the Man Overboard/Person Overboard/MOB does not drown. 


Certifications and Approvals:

TeamO inflatable PFD are approved by the following international standards:

  • ISO12402-3 approved 

Please note: TeamO Inflatable PFDs are a UK-made, world-class product that has the highly regarded world standard of ISO12402-3. TeamO Inflatable PFDs do not have Transport Canada or US Coast Guard approval.

Transport Canada states, "You are required by law to have a lifejacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device) onboard for each person on a watercraft." The Lifejackets or PFDs must be Transport Canada approved to be counted.

If you are concerned with ISO12402-3 approved inflatable PFD, please click here to visit the ISO standards page. 

For any questions regarding standards go to our FAQ or review ISO and Transport Canada websites. At any time feel free to contact us.

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