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SmartToggle 4.5t - Cyclops Marine

SmartToggle 4.5t - Cyclops Marine

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SmartToggle 4.5t

Highly Accurate Load Sensing For Non-Structural Furlers

Smarttoggle is the secret to flawless furling and optimal performance of non-structural furling sails. The load share ratio between the sail luff and the furling cable is key to maximum performance of your code and reaching sails. Finding the optimum load for effective furling also ensures you can reduce sail area or make a sail change smoothly and safely.

  • Precision designed for low weight, low windage.
  • Factory Calibrated and accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load.
  • With the latest wireless charging technology, providing 2,000 hours of battery life from a single charge. (Up to 500 days onboard in napping mode).
  • Built-in smartbutton preserves battery life, so that device only stays on when needed.
  • Pair with smartfittings app for logging and analysis.
  • Pair with your smartphone to view live loads and log data for analysis through the free app.


  • Max working load 4500kg
  • Sensor dimensions 140 x 50 x 35mm
  • Sensor weight 230g
  • Pin diameter 12mm
  • Waterproof beyond IP68
  • Wireless charging
  • Fully charged in 1 hour
  • Adjustable data rate via smartfittings app
  • Wireless connection to your phone via the smartfittings app
  • Wireless connection directly to Vakaros and Sailmon wireless displays
  • Wireless connection to wired boat electronics via the Cyclops gateway
  • Data log for analysis stored in smartfittings app and Cyclops gateway
  • Lightweight and low windage
  • Accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load
  • Designed to fit furlers with relevant working loads
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