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Antenna Marine - Cross-Polarized, Omni-Directional 5G/LTE & Wi-Fi (EPNT-1)

Antenna Marine - Cross-Polarized, Omni-Directional 5G/LTE & Wi-Fi (EPNT-1)

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  • Antenna enclosure with high performance antennas
  • Wideband 4x4 MIMO 4G/5G antenna
  • 2x2 MIMO dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi antennas
  • Cross-polarised antennas for improved performance
  • Weather, dust and vandal resistant enclosure (IP 65)
  • The ePoynt enclosure can accommodate routers up to the size of 185 x 145 x 45 mm³. The ePoynt-1 (EPNT-1) combines our cross-polarized omni-directional antennas for enhanced performance. This is ideal in built-up areas where there are several base stations close by, but where higher stability and throughput is required due to its enhanced MIMO configuration.
  • The EPNT-1 includes four cross-polarized antennas, making it ideal for 4×4 MIMO or dual 2×2 MIMO routers.
  • The antennas offer wideband coverage from 617 to 3800 MHz, making it ideal for LTE & 5G implementation with a peak gain of 5 dBi.
  • The EPNT-1 also includes two omni-directional dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that cover the 2.4 GHz and 5 to 6 GHz Wi-Fi bands for 2×2 MIMO. The EPNT-1 enclosure was also designed to withstand adverse weather condition, making the antenna weatherproof and waterproof with an IP65 rating.

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