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SmartTune Load Sensor Digital Turnbuckle ( 1")- Cyclops Marine

SmartTune Load Sensor Digital Turnbuckle ( 1")- Cyclops Marine

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The SmartTune range is designed for quick installation into standing rigging such as forestay/backstay/shrouds/diagonals. Available in 7 sizes for a wide range of boat classes (sensor size represents turnscrew/thread diameter). The 1″ is our largest thread size for SmartTune sensors

Next Generation Load Sensing for Standing Rigging (forestay/backstay/shrouds)

Swap your existing ‘dumb’ Turn screw/turnbuckle into your best tuning and safety tool with Cyclops’s Smarttune.

-Accurate load sensing in real time
-Bluetooth technology is housed in a low windage cover. Essential for forestays, the real time loads are an ideal indicator of both headsail shape and also the impact of backstay and mainsheet on the mainsail. Further gains can be made utilizing on the side stays
-Rig balance and achieving repeatable fast settings.
-With standard imperial thread sizes, the devices are simple to specify and quick to install. With the addition of a Cyclops gateway, the loads can be viewed on your boat electronics as well as your phone within minutes



  • Easily replaces existing rigging turnscrew
  • Waterproof beyond IP68
  • 2x AAA batteries power supply or rechargeable internal batteries
  • Approx 16 months battery life
  • Adjustable data rate via smartfittings app
  • Wireless connection to your phone via the smartfittings app
  • Wireless connection directly to Vakaros Atlas 2 and Sailmon MAX
  • Wireless connection to electronic boat displays via the Cyclops gateway
  • Data log for analysis stored in smartfittings app and Cyclops gateway
  • Lightweight and low windage
  • Accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load
  • Designed to fit rigging with relevant working loads

Click the below link for a video on how you Smarttune can connect with your cart plotter:

Click here for the YouTube video

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