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Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 11 Step - Outils Oceans

Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 11 Step - Outils Oceans

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Introducing our essential emergency ladders, equipped with the best features and materials to ensure your boating safety:

Key Features:
- Rigid Rungs ( See picture )
- Swift Installation: Easily secure the ladder with a cow hitch around the stern rail, saving precious time during emergencies.
- Quick Access: The ladder's flap and press studs closure enables rapid deployment, keeping it readily accessible when needed.
- High Visibility: With a fluorescent band, the ladder stands out in low-light conditions, aiding swift rescue operations.
- User-Friendly Design: The ladder opens effortlessly with a small line, allowing for smooth and efficient deployment.
Premium Materials:
- Robust Build: The ladder boasts polyester weaving with semi-rigid ( 9 rungs) or rigid ( 11 rungs) reinforcement (model-dependent) in polyethylene, ensuring durability.
- Weather-resistant: The ladder's box is made of PVC-coated polyester on both sides, and the back is crafted from tough polyethylene, withstanding harsh marine conditions.
- Secure Binding: The ladder's black polypropylene weaving reinforcement adds extra strength during rescue operations.
- Reliable Cord: The ladder's polyester cord guarantees dependable support, making it a crucial lifeline for those in distress.
Our 9 rung emergency ladder can be found here. 

Please note that due to high demand, orders may experience a few weeks delay. Act now and be well-prepared for any boating emergency—because fast action can save lives.
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