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Fire Blanket Cover - Sb Series - Available in Different Sizes- Sea-Fire - SPECIAL ORDER

Fire Blanket Cover - Sb Series - Available in Different Sizes- Sea-Fire - SPECIAL ORDER

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Fire Blanket Covers - Small Medium and Large sizes

This Fire Blanket Cover offers a protection and containment solution for lithium battery fires

LiCELL™ offers a range of specialized fire blankets
designed specifically for the lithium battery market.

These blankets are capable of withstanding
extremely high temperatures for a prolonged period
of time, as well as being robust enough to offer
protection against potential debris and shrapnel
expelled during a battery fire event. They are easy to
store and easy to deploy.

Organizations connected to the production, storage, or transportation of lithium batteries and devices need a thorough fire prevention and suppression strategy. Fire blankets are an important part of a comprehensive fire protection plan

Options: Click here to see our Lithium Fire extinguishers.

This Fire Blanket Cover works with temperatures up to 1000°C
• Fire resistant technical fabrics, available in 3 large sizes
• Fire resistant re-enforced multi-layered edge lining
• Fire resistant industrial stitching
• Handling loops on all corners for fast deployment
• Includes convenient carry bag

Tips: Your fire blanket fold should be accordion style, as you do a paper map; Z-fold on the long axis, and then Z-fold the other way. Grab a corner and it pops out flat for quick use.
  - Galley fire: Cut the fuel first and then to place a lid on the pan. If the fire is large, wrap your arm in the blanket to place the lid, and then place the blanket over the whole mess.

*When fire strikes, rapid but cool-headed response can make all the difference. In the case of an engine fire in a cramped space, a fire extinguisher, particularly if discharge though a fire port is possible, sometimes this is probably the only practical response. See our Safety Equipment page for our sizes and models.

However, in many less complex fires, a fire blanket cover represents a practical approach. Blankets work well and are great for the galley area and engine room.


Please be aware, there are special requirements for shipping for all fire extinguishers and shipping costs vary greatly. Please contact us via email to gain shipping costs and timelines for your location. 

Battery Fire Blankets SB Series

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