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Flexofold Zinc Anodes #114 for Saildrive 2-Blade Propellers

Flexofold Zinc Anodes #114 for Saildrive 2-Blade Propellers

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This is a package of (2) high quality Flexofold Zinc Anodes, with (2) M8 Mounting Screws for 2-Blade Saildrive Flexofold Props. 

Be careful buying inferior Asian sourced zincs online! Don't risk damaging your expensive prop!  These 100% EU-made anodes are made of a very high-quality and highly reactive zinc alloy, and are made to strict mil-spec standards.  

Flexofold part #114.  Reference part #11 on parts diagram shown.

Suitable for salt water use. 

These zinc anodes mount on the side of the hub using the 2 mounting screws provided. 

The 2 M8 Screws are pre-treated with an underwater threadlocker.  Clean mounting surfaces well, and torque mounting bolts no more than 7 ft lbs when installing.  

We recommend purchasing a spare set to have on hand, and to save on shipping.

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