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What's Included

• Microphone
• Microphone Sponges
• Rubber Rings for Microphone Sponge
• USB Power & Data Cable (USB-C)
• Dual Battery Charger
• Rechargeable Battery

Product Features

• Support for Two-Way Radio Connection
• Ambient Mode
• Mesh Intercom™ Up to 1.1 km (0.7 mi) in open terrain
• Advanced Noise Control™
• Audio Multitasking™
• Bluetooth® 4.1
• Sena Marine App

The Sena Nautitalk sounds like a game-changer for seamless communication while out at sea. The Mesh Intercom™ technology is a particularly neat feature, making it effortless to connect multiple headsets for group communication. And it's great to hear that it's compatible with other Sena and Sena-powered devices, ensuring versatility and ease of use for those already invested in Sena's ecosystem. Whether it's for coordinating maneuvers, sharing observations, or just enjoying conversation while on the water, the Nautitalk seems like a valuable addition to any maritime adventure.


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