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friction ring

friction ring

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NUB® Friction - Textil friction pulley 20122

The Nub® is a multiaxial spherical low friction textile pulley. Combined with a textile connector, the -Nub can hold very high loads. 

Discover examples of applications of the Nodus NUB with its textile connectors in the PLUG & SAIL category.



The Nodus-Nub® is a multiaxial spherical low friction textile pulley that can hold very high loads.

  • Can be used in many applications and with soft ropes thanks to its inherent lubrication
  • Ideal for reeving, used on cascading tackles (back-stay, downhaul, running backstay...), return angle, or even on standing riggings (shrouds).
  • Easy to install anywhere on the deck: plate, toe rail, mast step... using our textile connectors. 



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