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SD-3 Bag with Accessories FlexOfold Parts V1006

SD-3 Bag with Accessories FlexOfold Parts V1006

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This Flexofold 3-Blade Saildrive Prop Service Kit V1006 includes the items shown in the picture. 

Included Parts:

  • (3) Precision-Machined M16 Pivot Pins 
  • (3) Tapered Pivot Pin Locking Screws (M8) 
  • (3) Cover Plate Screws (M6) 
  • (1) 5mm Allen Wrench
  • (1) 6mm Allen Wrench

All screws come with pre-applied underwater thread-locking compound


Recommended to replace worn components and avoid damage to the expensive hub and blades.  

Compatible with Flexofold 3-Blade Propellers used on Saildrives that have the 16mm pivot pins.  This includes SD3, SD15, SD33, SD40, etc.

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