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Swim Buoy by Restube: Swimming Aide

Swim Buoy by Restube: Swimming Aide

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Swim Buoy by Restube

For visibility and added buoyancy while swimming and to serve as a dry bag for water sports enthusiasts

For taking a lap around the lake, training for your next triathlon, or open water swimming in the ocean. The inflatable swimming buoy offers increased safety, with visibility and buoyancy close at hand when you need it.

Simply fasten the belt around your hips, blow up the air chamber using the mouth valve, and pull the buoy behind you as you swim. The buoy creates almost no resistance in the water. You can also store useful items like an energy bar or your keys in a compartment which is separated from the air chamber, to ensure you always have them with you.

We recommend swim buoy by RESTUBE for: Athletic swimming | Canoe & kajak | Ice swimming | Open water swimming | Triathlon

Buoyancy: 250N (incl. storage space)
Storage volume: 12,5L
Dimensions: 76cm x 35mm
Cable length: max. 67cm, min. 36cm
Weight: 210 g
Scope of delivery: 1x swim buoy by RESTUBE
Restube READY: Yes

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