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Bab'so First and Bab'so City-Alert- Kit - Swimming Flag Visibility Aides

Bab'so First and Bab'so City-Alert- Kit - Swimming Flag Visibility Aides

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BAB'SO kit or Single swimming flag visability aide


BAB'SO City - is a new personal safety and survival piece of equipment dedicated to the urban environment. It is reliable, reusable, without a network, without a battery and without a subscription. It weighs less than 40 grams
and allows you to signal your distress.

It meets the 4 essential needs to be rescued:
To hold on, to be seen, to be heard and to be recognized.

The kit includes the following items:

Pack BAB'So First + BAB'So City + 1 Pen Inedible Ink Set

Pack Includes 1 storage sheath consisting of:

  • 1 closed tube allowing the conditioning of the flame,
  • 1 rubber band to secure the equipment (lifeline), self-gripping strip for closure and personalisation,
  • 1 connecting rope at the end in connection with the equipment, fastening loop for the lifeline and around the neck

    1 floating flame/flag consisting of:

    • one EN20471 standard Orange high-visibility fabric triangle,
    • 1 retro-reflective band on the periphery standard EN20471, 1 sleeve receiving 1 mast,
    • 1 Velcro opening/closing tab,
    • 1 end band with retro-reflective EN20471 standard,
    • 1 transparent pocket containing
    • 1 phosphorescent tube and a "SOLAS" reflective band,
    • 1 transparent pouch with “Mirror” fabrics,
    • 1 transparent pocket for identification label and medical information,
    • 1 connecting cord sewn at the end in connection with the sheath,
    • 1 connecting rope with whistle without ball,
    • 1 sewn traceability label.

      Materials :

      • Orange high visibility polyester fabric compliant with EN20471,
      • 50mm silver microbead reflective tape,
      • 50mm “SOLAS” reflective tape, 30/100th transparent PVC, mirror fabric,
      • 2mm orange polyester cord,
      • 1.5mm polyester cord for whistle, black hook/velvet hook-and-loop tape,
      • Phosphorescent tubes (CE standard)

      Complementary to work with : PDF, life jacket, survival blanket, tracker, safety harness...

      Description: PDFs click on the links

      Information BAB'So First

      Information BAB'So City


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