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Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop - Boat Hatch Breeze Catcher Indie Marine

Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop - Boat Hatch Breeze Catcher Indie Marine

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Tired of the heat?  Beat the heat and act now, before the prices go up!

Introducing the Breeze Bandit by Cruising Solutions, the favorite wind scoop of sailors for over 20 years. This unique wind scoop captures the breeze from any direction, channelling it down through your boat's hatch to keep your cabin cool on those sweltering summer nights. Crafted with lightweight reinforced polyester fabric and a clever 4-chamber design, it effectively captures even the gentlest winds. Standing tall at 6 feet, the Breeze Bandit provides an expansive area for catching breezes, surpassing other vents in its class. It perfectly fits hatches measuring up to 21" x 21" or 24" x 18" (larger hatches accommodated with additional snaps). Thanks to its sturdy reinforcement webbing, it remains stable even in the face of strong winds. Unlike competing wind scoops, the Breeze Bandit securely stays in place during unexpected rain or squalls. Simply release the snaps, close the hatch, and it remains tethered to the halyard and deck. It can even be used with bug screens intact. With its new navy blue fabric color, maintenance is a breeze.

This enduring design, inspired by a 19th-century British Navy manual, has been keeping sailors cool for over 200 years. Don't miss out on the most practical and efficient wind catcher on the market. Tested and praised by the Indie Team, it boasts a 5-star rating.

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