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Flexofold Propeller #117 Aluminum Anode

Flexofold Propeller #117 Aluminum Anode

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These are mil-spec aluminum anodes for Flexofold 3-Blade and 4-Blade propellers (up to 23").  This anode also fits Flexofold 2-Blade "LA" type props (2016 and later).

Aluminum is regarded to be the best anode material choice for boats that see some amount of time in salt, brackish, and freshwater - where traditional zincs may not protect as well.  These aluminum anodes can last up to 50% longer in saltwater, while still offering good  protection.

Includes a stainless steel mounting screw with a pre-applied underwater thread locker compound.

Compatible with:

  • Flexofold 3-Blade and 4-Blade props (up to 23"), as well as on Flexofold "LA-type" 2-Blade propellers (2016 and later).  


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