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Restube Reusable CO2 Cartridges (10.9 g) 2 Pack - Only for Restube Beach

Restube Reusable CO2 Cartridges (10.9 g) 2 Pack - Only for Restube Beach

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Original Restube replacement cartridges 10.9g CO₂ with thread (only for Restube beach)

  • Original replacement cartridges for Restube beach
  • 10.9g CO₂ with thread
  • Aligns with DIN EN ISO 12402-7
  • Saltwater-resistant
  • 100% level checked
  • Standardized puncture cap
  • For Airplane transport check IATA/TSA regulations:

Not all CO2 Cartridges are a like and we highly recommend only using the Restube spare cartridges.  

We know you can find some cheap cartridge alternatives on Amazon, so before you do that, understand this...  The Restube cartridges are made of a high quality galvanized steel, so there is there will be no rust or corrosion. In fact, the galvanized steel we use is 20x more higher strength than the life jacket industry standard. 

Make It Last

Rinse your Restube device after each contact with salt water they can last for a long time. We also recommend to check the weight after a longer period of time. Each cartridges comes with a label indicating the individual weight. They manufacturer needs to indicate a “best before” date so they are stamped to say 5 years.

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