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Sheathed Strap Loop High Load - SL HL 4 - Nodus

Sheathed Strap Loop High Load - SL HL 4 - Nodus

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Sheathed R2 & R3 loop High Load®

The High Load Loop® made of Nodex® R2 & R3 is a textile ring for heavy loads, ideal as a soft shackle. The specific feature of this product is that it is both a core and a sheath.

This product can be custom ordered.

This product comes with the Block® Nodus Factory ring


The High Load sheathed Nodex® strop is a soft loop for heavy loads, ideal as a soft attachment. It can be used to connect blocks on the traveler, rub rail, boom and spars (spinnaker pole, bowsprit, etc.), connecting backstays and runners to tackle. 

This product comes with the Block® Nodus Factory ring

+ Uses
  • Textile fastener for pulleys on sheet rail, toe rail, on boom and spars (spinnaker pole, jib boom, etc.), link between backstay and running backstay and the hoist pulleys 
  • Ideal for pulleys to be strapped and low-friction rings used as "hauling pulleys"
  • Very light, excellent resistance to tension and breakage


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