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T-Shackle - Block Shackle - T6 - Nodus

T-Shackle - Block Shackle - T6 - Nodus

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, is a textile shackle specially designed for a lashing block.

  • Easy to install, very light and resists heavy loads.
  • Universal textile fastener for lashing block
  • Auto-closable eye as soon as installed
  • Easy to use - Closure - Cape knot® - Quick opening link even after heavy load  (orange thread)
  • Reliable and maintenance free


  • T-bone® connector, Titanium TI 6" - Eco Ti" locking piece, several sizes available
  • Textile shackle, core and sheath 100% Nodex® R2 12fx pre-stretched, sized ¬             - Light gray / black
  • Secure closure with lock-ring ¬ EPDM protect anti-uv
  • Resistance certified by Veritas

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